Metrology in Chemistry : 2 Year Postdoctoral Position

The ERA Chair ISO-FOOD -- ERA CHAIR FOR ISOTOPE TECHNIQUES IN FOOD QUALITY, SAFETY AND TRACEABILIY at Jozef Stefan Institute aims at strengthening its research excellence related to metrology in food. We are currently looking for:A post-doctoral researcher: Metrology in chemistry

A position is vacant for a postdoctoral researcher to implement principles of metrology in chemistry for food analysis and characterization, particularly related to food safety issues (inorganic and organic contaminants). The selected candidate will combine laboratory experiments and analytical measurements and apply and develop metrologically based support to secure comparability of measurement results. The new team member will work within a dynamic and interdisciplinary international research environment, with the possibility to learn new techniques and skills.

The researcher is expected to critically evaluate and improve analytical approaches, validate the measurement procedures, develop appropriate uncertainty assessments based on internationally valid principles. It is also expected that the selected candidate will put his or her own stamp on the research.

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