Recent Publications

This compilation contains a non-comprehensive list of recent publications that may be of interest to the FIRMS community. Inclusion of an article in this list does not mean that FIRMS approves the content. You are encouraged to consider critically whether (i) the experimental work complies with SI guidelines and the FIRMS Good Practice Guide; and (ii) whether the conclusions drawn are based on sound scientific background information.

Ai, G., Sun, T. and Dong, X., "Gas chromatography/isotope ratio mass spectrometry: Analysis of methanol, ethanol and acetic acid by direct injection of aqueous alcoholic and acetic acid samples," Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. (2014),

Ansmann, I.C., Lanyon, J.M., Seddon, J.M. and Parra, G.J., "Habitat and resource partitioning among indo-pacifc bottlenose dolphins in moreton bay, australia," Marine Mammal Science (2015), 31:211-230

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Bay, L.J., Chan, J.S.H. and Walczyk, T., "Isotope ratio analysis of carbon and nitrogen by elemental analyser continusous ow isotope ratio mass spectrometry (EA-CF-IRMS) without the use of a reference gas," J. Anal. At. Spec. (2014), 30:310-314

Beckett, N.M., Cresswell, S.L., Grice, D.I. and Carter, "Isotopic profling of seized benzylpiperazine and tri uoromethylphenylpiperazine tablets using d13C and d15N stable isotopes," Sci. & Just. (2015a), 55:51-56, FIRMS Special Issue

Beckett, N.M., Grice, D.I., Carter, J. and Cre, "Precursor discrimination of designer drug benzylpiperazine using d13C and d15N stable isotopes," Sci. & Just. (2015b), 55:57-62, FIRMS Special Issue

Bendrey, R., Vella, D., Zazzo, A., Balasse, M. and Lepetz, S., "Exponentially decreasing tooth growth rate in horse teeth: implications for isotopic analyses," Archaeometry (2015) : in press

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Brooker, L., Cawley, A., Drury, J., Edey, C., Hasick, N. and Goebel, C., "Stable carbon isotope ratio profling of illicit testosterone preparations - domestic and international seizures," Drug Testing and Analysis (2014), 6(10):996-1001

Buckberry, J., Montgomery, J., Towers, J., Mldner, G., Holst, M., Evans, J., Gledhill, A., Neale, N. and Lee-Thorp, J., "Finding vikings in the danelaw," Oxford Journal of Archaeology (2014), 33(4):413-434

Carter, J.F. and Doyle, S., "An introduction to the FIRMS 2013 conference special edition of Science and Justice," Sci. & Just. (2015), 55:1-1, FIRMS Special Issue

Carter, J.F., Doyle, S., Phasumane, B. and Nic Dæid, N., "The role of isotope ratio mass spectrometry as a tool for the comparison of physical evidence," Sci. & Just. (2014), 54:327-334

Carter, J.F., Yates, H.S.A. and Tinggi, U., "A global survey of the stable isotope and chemical compositions of bottled and canned beers as a guide to authenticity," Sci. & Just. (2015), 55:18-26, FIRMS Special Issue

Cengiz, M.F., Durak, M.Z. and Ozturk, M., "In-house validation for the determination of honey adulteration with plant sugars (C4) by isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IR-MS)," Food Sci. Tech. (2014), 57:9-15

Chesson, L.A., Tipple, B.J., Barnette, J.E., Cerling, T.E. and Ehleringer, J.R., "The potential for application of ink stable isotope analysis in questioned document examination," Sci. & Just. (2015), 55:27-33, FIRMS Special Issue

Çinar, S.B., Eksi, A. and Coskun, I., "Carbon isotope ratio (13C/12C) of pine honey and detection of HFCS adulteration," Food Chem. (2014), 157:10-13

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Collins, M. and Salouros, H., "A review of some recent studies on the stable isotope profling of methylamphetamine: Is it a useful adjunct to conventional chemical profling?" Sci. & Just. (2015), 55:2-9, FIRMS Special Issue

Cooper, R.J., Krueger, T., Hiscock, K.M. and Rawlins, B.G., "Sensitivity of uvial sediment source apportionment to mixing model assumptions: A bayesian model comparison," Water Resources Research (2014), 50(11):9031-9047

Coplen, T., Qi, H., Tarbox, L., Lonenz, J.M. and Buck, B., "USGS 46 Greenland Ice Core water - a new isotopic reference material for d2H and d18O measurements of water," Geostd. Geoanal. Res. (2014), 38:153-157

Dunn, P.J.H., Malinovsky, D. and Goenaga-Infante, H., "Calibration strategies for the determination of stable carbon absolute isotope ratios in a glycine candidate reference material by elemental analyseriosotope ratio mass spectrometry," Anal. Bioanal. Chem. (2014), : in press

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Font, L., Jonker, G., van Aalderen, P.A., Schlitmans, E.F. and Davies, G.R., "Provenancing of unidentified World War II casualties: Application of strontium and oxygen isotope analysis in tooth enamel," Sci. & Just. (2015a), 55:10-17, FIRMS Special Issue

Font, L., van der Peijl, G., va Leuwen, C., van Wetten, I. and Davies, G.R., "Identifcation of the geographical place of origin of an unidentifed individual by multi-isotope analysis," Sci. & Just. (2015b), 55:34-42, FIRMS Special Issue

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Helliker, B.R., "Reconstructing the d18O of atmospheric water vapour via the cam epiphyte tillandsia usneoides: seasonal controls on d18O in the feld and large-scale reconstruction of d18Oa," Plant, Cell & Environment (2014), 37(3):541-556

Hobson, K.A. and Koehler, G., "On the use of stable oxygen isotope (d18O) measurements for tracking avian movements in north america," Ecology and Evolution (2015) : in press

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Hyodo, F., Matsumoto, T., Takematsu, Y. and Itioka, T., "Dependence of diverse consumers on detritus in a tropical rain forest food web as revealed by radiocarbon analysis," Functional Ecology (2014):in press

Jackson, G.P., An, Y., Konstantynova, K.I. and Rashaid, A.H.B., "Biometrics from the carbon isotope ratio analysis of amino acids in human hair," Sci. & Just. (2015), 55:24-42, FIRMS Special Issue

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