FIRMS Founding Members
The original FIRMS Network members combine expertise in stable isotope analysis and its application with that in forensic science and its application to serious crime detection.

Max Coleman
Professor of Sedimentology, University of Reading. Broad expertise in stable isotope analysis (H, C, O, S, Cl, Br) in natural materials using dual inlet IRMS. Expertise in method development (H, C, O, S, Cl, Br).

Sean Doyle
Head of Chemistry & Research, The Forensic Explosives Laboratory, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, Fort Halstead. Expertise in explosives analysis and forensic science. Research manager of method development for stable isotope composition analysis of d37Cl, d34S, d18O, d15N, d13C by dual inlet and continuous flow (automated nitrogen, carbon analysis - ANCA and GC) IRMS of explosives.

Steven Brookes
Managing Director, Iso Analytical, Sandbach Expertise in continuous flow (ANCA) IRMS Provider of commercial stable isotope composition analysis d34S, d18O, d15N, d13C, d2H.

Tony Fallick
Director, SUERC, East Kilbride Broad expertise in stable isotope analysis (H, C, O, S) for geological, environmental and life-science applications, using dual inlet, continuous flow, and compound specific IRMS. Expertise in method development, especially sample preparation by laser ablation.

Ian Thompson
Project Leader, Microbial Diversity, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Environmental microbiologist. Expertise on effects of chemical and microbial degradation of compounds.

James Ehleringer
Professor of Biology, University of Utah Geo location of illicit drugs using IRMS.

Peter White
Director of the Forensic Science Unit, Strathclyde University. Provider of undergraduate and Postgraduate education in forensic science.

Ian Abell
UK Sales Manager, Micrornass UK Ltd. IRMS manufacturer.

Alex Allan
Merit Scientist Drugs and Toxicology, Forensic Alliance Limited, a private sector supplier of forensic science for police, lawyers and private clients. Expertise in conventional low resolution GC/MS quantitative and qualitative analysis of forensic items. Current Forensic Practitioner in Toxicology plus involvement in drugs, volatiles and accelerants. Current project - discrimination of cocaine samples. Previous involvement with drugs on bank notes. Access to expertise in most fields of forensic science within Forensic Alliance and associated organisations.

Mark Bailey
Group Leader, Molecular Microbial Ecology, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Expertise in molecular biology, identification of microbes that might fractionate stable isotopes, microbial degradation processes and biochemical pathways. The network will also include Home Office and Metropolitan Police Service representatives from the outset.


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